May 22, 2015

Applications Guide

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There used to be a lot of confusion over two decades ago, when the Internet was rising in popularity by leaps and bounds and where this was making computer use mandatory, the idea of using high tech programming was daunting. Today though, this is not the case anymore. Today there are so many things you can do on the Internet and do easily. Now there are tools to make work easier, better, more organized. Web applications are these such tools.
What are web applications really? Very simply put, web applications are applications used on the computer using a network like the Internet or an office intranet. A web application may also be software that is browser supported and browser dependent to function. Web applications are popular because they allow users use without a widespread roll out of the software. An example of web applications are web mail and wikis while an example of software that is browser supported and dependent is Javascript with a partnered browser using HTML.

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