January 1, 2013

Is Portable WiFi Worth the Expense?

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Today, the need to be connected has extended far beyond a business need. Today even the regular person is connected on the Internet and can be contacted at any time. Gadgets are designed to enable this, to give the person the easiest access to the Internet. Because of that, more and more telecom companies are coming out with plans that include data plans. In the Philippines, all telecom provider offer cellular phone plans with data packages but not every person can afford these plans. So are the portable WiFi options viable ones?


There are plans that offer portable WiFi devices for a one time price and an affordable monthly subscription. These devices can connect up to five gadgets at the same time so if the person is part of a group costs can also be split. Reviews for this have been positive so far in that it has enables a lot of people to be connected to the Internet in an affordable way.

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