January 27, 2013

Taking a Look at Pinterest

Filed under: Communications — Victoria @ 8:33 am

There are numerous web applications appearing regularly and this is because this is just how we communicate now and how we like to pass time. Several individuals and groups have come out with their list of top ten web applications but we don’t need to do that. Let’s focus on one instead.

A social network that surprisingly has been building a loyal following and has been gaining some new members as we speak is Pinterest. You may have heard of it but if not, let’s look at it in general here. Pinterest works like a virtual board that let’s you create a vision board of your own, share this with others and see other vision boards as well. You can choose the theme of your board and you can ‘pin’ any form of medial you find interesting and you find online on it, hence its name ‘Pinterest’. This is a fun social network site because it uses a lot of images.

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