February 26, 2015

Technology to Fight Hackers (Part 2)

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By: MJ

To help developers track down and find potential security holes, there are a host of tools available called Web application vulnerability scanners. Their aim is to automate and speed up a process that, when performed manually, is a long and painstaking one. By crawling through a Web site and injecting various attack scenarios, scanners compare an application’s responses against a database of security vulnerability signatures.

Despite their usefulness, Web application vulnerability scanners have not become a must-have for every development team, largely because of cost. Yet there are several good open source scanners available for free. In this tip, we’ll examine a few other reasons for the holdup in Web application vulnerability scanner adoption.

February 19, 2015

Technology on the Move to Help Solve Crime (Part 5)

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By: MJ

Another issue is that of hackers. These are those who know their way around computers and their weaknesses but are not hackers human beings as well? There is now a clash on the use of genius and technology. One uses it for his selfishness, another uses it for the benefit of all. Since it’s not a bad idea to use fire against fire, experts have created programs that may prevent hackers from doing their job.

The battle now takes place on whether who’s got better wits than the other. Is it the good guys or the bad guys? We’ll never know for sure.

February 12, 2015


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wikipedia.jpgThere was a time when wikipedia was hailed as a sort of quack information source, claiming to provide credible information that is provided by users whom nobody can guarrantee that the information that was provided was accurate or totally false but the advent of the social web changed all that with more and more academics turning having a change of heart with the common good application. Today, wikipedia has been hailed as a tool for all end even educators have been endorsing the use of such media for research and other purposes due to the main fact that the credibility of the media contained within the pages have become so diverse and expansive it is hard to not take notice. The day of the social web has people helping other people the best they can and what better way to encourage change than to share information to those who need it most. True that some information on the pages of Wikipedia may be false but that is slowly changing into one of the most accurate and best of all free sources of information on just about anything on the internet. The age of free information is again within grasp of common man and out of the control of big businesses, more power people. Knowledge is power and power is knowledge!

February 5, 2015

Smart Bro Mobile broadband internet increases coverage in the Philippines

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As a foreigner residing in Siargao, I am quite happy with Smart Bro, despite all the complaints I read on forums and blogs. Perhaps I have a different opinion about it because Siargao, being far from the city with extensive communications equipment has always been my partner in browsing the net and uploading my pictures of my surf sessions. This is largely due to the presence of a Smart cellsite on the island.

Now, we cannot deny that Smart Bro truly expanded Internet access to the common Filipino, even offering broadband access at fees previously unmatched by other Internet Access Providers.

Just a couple of months back, Smart Bro launched another service that will further expand internet connectivity here in the Philippines. The service allows the subscriber to get a USB Modem with a SIM card inside and could be connected to any computer and access the Internet remotely.

In comparison to previous Smart Bro plans that are dependent to Smart Bro antennas, the Smart Bro USB Modem allows the subscriber the mobility and geographic convenience to use Smart Bro anywhere, all for just P799/month.
Unbelievable? Well, believe it.

To further confirm this development, I went to Butuan (Capital city of the Philippines’ CARAGA region) so i could do some groceries and treat my friends
there. I went to a Smart Wireless Center and heres what i found out about
the new product:

- For 24 months or 2 Years, you will be under the service agreement

- USB Modem can access the Net anywhere provided that there is a Smart signal

- USB Modem can access the net using 2G, 3G and “3.5G” or HSDPA signal, depending on the signal available in a particular area.

After I heard this revelations, I was ecstatic and I want to sign up with the new service. However, I’m still tied with my previous Smart connection so i would have to wait. At least, I still have time to evaluate it.

January 29, 2015

Hidden iPhone/iPod Abilities

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The amazing iPhone has continued to amaze and disappoint people the world over, and now in it’s third generation, people, who are creatures of never-ending curiosity have learned more about its abilities
that those who have been briefed to sell them out of the box in the many Apple Stores. People have a knack of learning more than they should about innovative products, like the hidden WiFi transmitter chip within it that wouldn’t have been known if some crazy gadget lover hadn’t taken apart their newly store bought iPod. (more…)

January 22, 2015

Web application scanners, how big are the coverage?

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Ha.ckers.org posted a report from about tests conducted on web application scanners by a confidential programmer and compared how efficient the web applications code base can cover.

On many aspects, the report generated quite a stir. Recent reviews looked at a statistic that really compares scanners in a more quantifiable way. Some users commented that it is not right for vendors to assert that their web scanners were not made to be “point and shoot apparatus”. They even added that a human should be teaching the scanner to each web app that he is going to use. I think they have wronged the users by making that assumption.

A scanner should do as much as it can to work on its own and let humans do their own testing and help point testers to areas of interest.

January 15, 2015

Multi-chatting with Meebo

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If you have various instant messaging accounts and have a hard time using them all at the same time, a simple website allows you to log into the most popular instant messaging clients all at the same time, all within a single window.

Enter Meebo, a revolutionary way to chat in different platforms all at the same time without having to open each program one by one. You can log-in to your Yahoo Messenger, AIM, MSN and MySpace chats all at the same time without downloading a thing. And the best part is that it’s one hundred percent free. Meebo also has it’s own online community – you need to sign up and register to be a part of it – where fellow Meebo users interact and communicate with one another.

January 8, 2015

Take your office to the sandy beaches of Turkey!

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Wandering around the grimy shorelines at Antalya or while taking pleasure in the striking weather at BODRUM & Gümbet in Turkey, there are chances that you may get a phone from the workplace to glance through few vital mails sent to your Outlook inbox that needs to be answered without delay. Ever thought how will you manage to handle this situation? You will have to depart from these beautiful places seeking an internet café or grab your laptop, isn’t it? Now you must be thinking wish I could access my mails amidst this pleasure itself, right? This is when you should host exchange on your mobile phone. It gives you the luxury to access your mails from wherever you want. However, in order to get access to this facility, you should check whether your phone is compatible with the local wireless providers.

In Turkey, as we all know most populace speak in Turkish language. Nonetheless, lingo is not an obstacle whilst using dedicated exchange server. Exchange Server 2007 is available in diverse tongues due to which residents of Turkey can use it in their local language.

Turkcell, Vodafone, and Avea are the three main wireless providers in Turkey. Thus, it’s imperative for you the compatibility of your phone with these local wireless companies. Turkcell provides the best coverage map in Turkey, followed by Vodafone, who has 22% of the wireless device customers in Turkey. Avea has widespread coverage of the country. However, it’s vital to verify these providers’ websites to know the top offers and schemes that they offer for Hosted Microsoft Exchange. It is also significant to confirm with your native country’s providers about the roaming provisions with Turkish carriers.

On the whole, the striking beaches of Turkey can turn to your office if your Smartphone is synchronized with Microsoft Exchange Server. Hosted BES or Hosted BlackBerry can also be great options.

Technology to Fight Hackers (Part 1)

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By: MJ

Web applications are usually used for business purposes. Knowing this, hackers find loopholes in the online applications and take advantage of the benefits. Fortunately, there are web applications that doesn’t easily allow the hackers to find loopholes in them because of their complex features. With the help of applications such as Web 2.0 features, including blogs, wikis, RSS and other advanced Internet technologies, there had been known remedies for this dilemma.

January 1, 2015

Twitter tweets again!

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One of the winners in best web applications in 2007 is “Twitter”. Twitter is an online web service that lets you send short messages to your friends . It has a feature that lets you specify which Twitter users you want to follow, so you can read their messages in one place. Twitter also works on mobile phones giving you the edge of mobility. It works perfectly well on a computer. It has an interface similar to that of a mobile phone, wherein you are limited to 140 characters. It can be sent as an SMS alert. Its part of Twitters charm. Many features were developed to create their own specialized applications. Thats how Twitter got its tools and services that sets it apart from any other APIs. Or even something bigger.