August 20, 2014

ASUS eee faces tough competition

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Asus currently offers one of the smallest laptop computer in the market today but a new player is coming out to challenge its hold on this niche. Introducing The Neo Explore, the ASUS eee killer. Reports coming our way indicates that it is currently priced for P16,998 in the Philippines.

The Neo, as it is fondly called, targets children which was apparent from the invitations to the media to bring their kids along so they can “explore” and “discover” its funky facade. Now, everyone is wondering why ASUS, the makers of eee didnt see this?

Moving on, the initial welcome of the Neo explorer is not that great because it runs on Linux, which is “foreign” to kids who are used to seeing a Microsoft Windows boot up. It is in my opinion that the public will show some cynicism with regards to its user friendliness, not to mention the shock that comes from observers when you are not running a Windows operating system.

In conclusion, I really do not know yet. I’m just guessing these reasons, but you have to admit that there is they are precipitating a sustained commercial attack with Linux to bring the house down, or should i say prices down.

August 19, 2013

Manage Your Work with the Right Web Applications

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Web applications are what keeps most of us connected and busy. Most can’t live without the mobile phone attached to their hands 24/7 as web applications are not only for entertainment purposes, but since it is mobile, web applications in the present day are vital for work. It is not only a source for information but web applications are sources for organizing daily activities for work. One of the most sought after a web application for business is zoho. Zoho is a management application that allows users have a systematic and organized list of contacts, invoices and the list goes on. It has various business features that can help anyone have an opportunity to be productive and be better in the chosen field. The contacts feature is what most people use as it updates or informs users on what is up with the previous phone calls or conversation, etc. Scheduling for demo or a meeting is easy can be an easy undertaking with this application.

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April 30, 2013

Computer Care

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Let’s veer away from the software aspect of the computer world for a moment and take a step back to look at our equipment. Computer maintenance, after all, is more than firewalls, antivirus software, and application updates. Hardware maintenance is a big part of computer care and must be taken seriously.

Here are some reminders when talking about hardware care and maintenance. Whether you have one computer or many or a variety, the first thing you should do is to separate this work and equipment area from places where you eat, drink, or entertain. This will ensure that the least possible damage befalls your equipment. Then you should set a regular cleaning schedule wherein you unscrew the case/cases of your equipment and dust the insides using compressed air. This will prevent damage to parts from dirt build up.

Making sure your hardware is maintained is one sure way of always having something to work on and use.

March 30, 2013

What are Pop Ups?

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The Internet has changed the face of communication, that is for sure. But there are also so many new terms that have been created to correspond to what goes on online. There are a lot of transactions that go on online now. You can do most anything on the Net. You can order from restaurants, shop for anything from clothes to grocery goods, you can even pay your bills. The Internet covers so many aspects of life that it is impossible to imagine now what it was like before this connectivity.

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So, while online there are things to know in order to maintain privacy and security. If you go online fairly regularly, you will notice that there are what are called ‘pop ups’. These are web ads that literally pop us as new screens. These can be sources of hacking or viruses so most browsers now block these. This is just one of the many new ways advertising is done and security can be compromised. It is important to always be secure when conducting activities online.

January 27, 2013

Taking a Look at Pinterest

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There are numerous web applications appearing regularly and this is because this is just how we communicate now and how we like to pass time. Several individuals and groups have come out with their list of top ten web applications but we don’t need to do that. Let’s focus on one instead.

A social network that surprisingly has been building a loyal following and has been gaining some new members as we speak is Pinterest. You may have heard of it but if not, let’s look at it in general here. Pinterest works like a virtual board that let’s you create a vision board of your own, share this with others and see other vision boards as well. You can choose the theme of your board and you can ‘pin’ any form of medial you find interesting and you find online on it, hence its name ‘Pinterest’. This is a fun social network site because it uses a lot of images.

January 1, 2013

Is Portable WiFi Worth the Expense?

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Today, the need to be connected has extended far beyond a business need. Today even the regular person is connected on the Internet and can be contacted at any time. Gadgets are designed to enable this, to give the person the easiest access to the Internet. Because of that, more and more telecom companies are coming out with plans that include data plans. In the Philippines, all telecom provider offer cellular phone plans with data packages but not every person can afford these plans. So are the portable WiFi options viable ones?


There are plans that offer portable WiFi devices for a one time price and an affordable monthly subscription. These devices can connect up to five gadgets at the same time so if the person is part of a group costs can also be split. Reviews for this have been positive so far in that it has enables a lot of people to be connected to the Internet in an affordable way.

November 30, 2012

A Review of Windows 8

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In a tech scene full of Apple gadgets and with high respect for the late Steve Jobs, it is easy to forget that a huge chunk of the market actually uses a lot of Microsoft Office software. In fact, if you ask around, you may find a lot of your friends use a Windows OS version of some sort for work and at home.

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Microsoft’s latest offering is the Windows 8. If you haven’t heard about this, it is Microsoft’s newest OS version which is supposed to complete with the new touch screen technology. How are the reviews for this latest version of Office software?

All in all, the reviews for Windows 8 have been positive. A lot of users have reviewed the latest version of Windows 8 to be smooth and polished, managing to finish the rough edges from earlier versions. For those who have been following the evolution of Windows 8, the general consensus is that they will be pleased with the latest offering.

October 31, 2012

Applications Guide

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There used to be a lot of confusion over two decades ago, when the Internet was rising in popularity by leaps and bounds and where this was making computer use mandatory, the idea of using high tech programming was daunting. Today though, this is not the case anymore. Today there are so many things you can do on the Internet and do easily. Now there are tools to make work easier, better, more organized. Web applications are these such tools.
What are web applications really? Very simply put, web applications are applications used on the computer using a network like the Internet or an office intranet. A web application may also be software that is browser supported and browser dependent to function. Web applications are popular because they allow users use without a widespread roll out of the software. An example of web applications are web mail and wikis while an example of software that is browser supported and dependent is Javascript with a partnered browser using HTML.

February 25, 2011

Take your office to the sandy beaches of Turkey!

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Wandering around the grimy shorelines at Antalya or while taking pleasure in the striking weather at BODRUM & Gümbet in Turkey, there are chances that you may get a phone from the workplace to glance through few vital mails sent to your Outlook inbox that needs to be answered without delay. Ever thought how will you manage to handle this situation? You will have to depart from these beautiful places seeking an internet café or grab your laptop, isn’t it? Now you must be thinking wish I could access my mails amidst this pleasure itself, right? This is when you should host exchange on your mobile phone. It gives you the luxury to access your mails from wherever you want. However, in order to get access to this facility, you should check whether your phone is compatible with the local wireless providers.

In Turkey, as we all know most populace speak in Turkish language. Nonetheless, lingo is not an obstacle whilst using dedicated exchange server. Exchange Server 2007 is available in diverse tongues due to which residents of Turkey can use it in their local language.

Turkcell, Vodafone, and Avea are the three main wireless providers in Turkey. Thus, it’s imperative for you the compatibility of your phone with these local wireless companies. Turkcell provides the best coverage map in Turkey, followed by Vodafone, who has 22% of the wireless device customers in Turkey. Avea has widespread coverage of the country. However, it’s vital to verify these providers’ websites to know the top offers and schemes that they offer for Hosted Microsoft Exchange. It is also significant to confirm with your native country’s providers about the roaming provisions with Turkish carriers.

On the whole, the striking beaches of Turkey can turn to your office if your Smartphone is synchronized with Microsoft Exchange Server. Hosted BES or Hosted BlackBerry can also be great options.

December 10, 2010

Web application scanners, how big are the coverage?

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web-apps2.gif posted a report from about tests conducted on web application scanners by a confidential programmer and compared how efficient the web applications code base can cover.

On many aspects, the report generated quite a stir. Recent reviews looked at a statistic that really compares scanners in a more quantifiable way. Some users commented that it is not right for vendors to assert that their web scanners were not made to be “point and shoot apparatus”. They even added that a human should be teaching the scanner to each web app that he is going to use. I think they have wronged the users by making that assumption.

A scanner should do as much as it can to work on its own and let humans do their own testing and help point testers to areas of interest.